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You can recognize Inkblot in seconds by its thick, dark green leaves with cherry red freckles. It is arguably one of the most notable Mad about Mangave® family members out there. The leaves bend downwards, making Inkblot a perfect eye-catcher in a beautiful decorative pot on a patio, balcony, or indoors. Do you want to make Inkblot look extra spectacular? Place it in the sun: the UV light makes its dark colour and freckles stand out even more!

Inkblot has a low, wide habit, is drought tolerant and can handle some neglect. You hardly have to worry about it! A unique, sturdy succulent that steals the show indoors and outdoors, and being a true sun worshipper, the perfect addition to the exotic terrace. Protect it from frost and wet feet, and you’ll be friends for life!

Height: 15-20 cm

Width: 45-56 cm


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