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Silver Fox is an exceptional addition to the Mad about Mangave® family. Its pale green, waxy foliage glows as beautifully as a white fox’s fur. Let your Silver Fox sunbathe regularly, and you will see more and more light blue-purple freckles shining through its fur. And it’s not only its colour that is unique: it also has a much-loved habit with thick, curving leaves and striking, serrated edges.

Silver Fox stands out with its bending habit, is drought tolerant and can handle some neglect. You hardly have to worry about it! A unique, sturdy succulent that steals the show indoors and outdoors, and being a true sun worshipper, the perfect addition to the exotic terrace. Protect it from frost and wet feet, and you’ll be friends for life!

Height: 20-25 cm

Width: 40-45 cm


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